Vendor's Shipping Policy - JURISBAZAR

Shipping charged (applicable to seller) on JurisBazaar is basically based on three zones division – Local / Regional / National.

These zones are configured by JurisBazaar based on our transportation facility available & capabilities, depending on the pin code from where a product is being shipped.

  • Local: It is a set of pin codes that are in the vicinity of your Shipping pickup address. Any customer in this area comes under the Local zone.
  • Regional: India is divided into four regions – North, South, East and West. Depending on your Shipping pickup address, any customer who is not in the Local zone but within your region falls under the Regional zone.
  • National: Any pin code that does not fall in either the Local zone or Regional zone falls under the National zone.

JurisBazaar provides you with an option of adding shipping cost to a particular product while uploading, (chargeable from the customer)

This can later be changed by just editing the product details and configuring shipping rates.

If you do not enter any rates, JurisBazaar configures free shipping for your products by default.

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