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Today you can find every kind of product on an online shopping platform as per your convenience. Shopping online at the comfort of your home is the new trend in today’s era. It has build gap between the digital and physical shopping experiences for the users. Apart from the online shopping experience you can also become an independent business owner.

Being a seller on an online business platform lets you have the power to run your business conveniently without having any physical space. At Juris Bazar, we also let our sellers have detailed insights about the performance of their products through the reports. You can easily get to know about the sales executed, products that have been sold out, and the overall revenue generation.

Benefits of the reporting process:

  • Data accuracy
    With our reporting process, you will have the detailed information. You will be provided with proper report along with the images regarding the sales and customers.
  • Transparency
    We maintain complete transparency with the reporting process. By doing this, you can take better marketing decision about your products and you will be in a position to make practical approach.
  • Track performance
    You can also track the performance of your customers while they are on your product page.
    To develop and utilize an effective e-commerce strategy for your business as an owner or individual seller, it’s important to choose the platform that will help you to retain your customers for a long period of time.

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