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E-commerce business is both challenging, and exciting. Seeing your strategies work brilliantly can motivate your further to work extensively. It is tempting and rewarding, and it is important to realise that time is more valuable than anything else. To focus our time and attention while expanding our business, we would love to invite members who would like to work with us as Freelancers for our website.

To make sure that everything is covered, we recommend you to speak to our team for understanding the tasks we have outlined for you to help you save time and at the same time help us take our business to the next level.

Juris Bazaar is a great place to grow and run your business. We provide you with the ability to choose and work at your pace and convenience.

  • You will have the ability to work as per your schedule.
  • Wide options to choose from.

Important tasks where we would love to have your assistance is as follows:

  • Customer care support
  • Marketing and advertising
  •  Product listing

Working on an e-commerce platform requires dedication, time and effort. We would be happy to get connected with you for a long term association.

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